Girl, Clean Your Brushes!

Title of this post inspired by the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis that I haven’t read but heard is good.

Confession: prior to maybe three years ago, I NEVER cleaned my makeup brushes. Ok, let’s be honest, brush (I only had *one* that I used…. oh how times have changed). Even when I really started getting into makeup after college, I would wash my brushes maybe once a week.

And then last year I was convinced that not washing them enough was one of the reasons behind my acne – and I do really believe that was a contributing factor! So since then I’ve made a conscious effort to clean them after each use – especially my face brushes. Not only is it just better for my skin not having all that gross bacteria sitting in the bristles, I have also come to find it so satisfying watching all the product leave the brush and getting them squeeky clean. Having clean brushes also helps with better makeup application in general. If you’re having a hard time blending shadow, or are noticing your foundation brush is giving you horrendous streak marks (been there!), trying washing the brush! It will help your application be much more flawless.

These are the three products that I use on a regular basis that help keep my brushes (and sponge!) in tip top shape.

The first product I use almost everyday is the Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray that I get at Target. This is perfect for spot cleaning and when you just quickly want to get some product off. I spray a couple pumps of this directly on the brush head for my larger brushes and then swirl it around on a washcloth. For smaller eye brushes, I spray onto the cloth and then swirl my brush around in that spot. Although not as deep cleaning as a brush shampoo it works well to get most of the product that is at the top of the bristles out.

For a deeper more thorough clean I use the Sephora Collection Solid Brush Cleaner. I use this on my face brushes about 3 times a week and only once or twice for my eye brushes. The reason for this is the face brushes can contribute to acne, and soak up a lot more product. And also I just use them more! Before I bought this cleaner I was using baby shampoo that I would add to a bowl of warm water and then mix it up and then use that to swirl my brushes in. And while decently effective, it required a lot more steps and this Solid Cleaners is so much more convenient. To use, I wet my brush and then run the soap under the water for a second, and then swirl the brush in the soap, working up a lather to make sure it really coats the bristles and gets down to the base. I then use this little silicone egg scrubber tool I bought on Amazon for $2 to assist in removing the product. Once I have lathered thoroughly, and then run my brush up and down the ridged which helps to remove the built up product. I do the same thing for a beauty blender, minus the egg step. After building up a lather, I then directly squeeze out the product while under the running water.

Honestly, these three products are so easy to use and really make a difference in cleaning my brushes. While my skin didn’t magically clear up to a glowing goddess once I made this change in my routine, I do feel better knowing I’m not smearing old makeup caked with bacteria onto my face on a regular basis, ya know?

Anyway, in conclusion, if you wear makeup, please, please, please, do your skin a favor and wash your brushes!!!

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