My First Facial!!!!

I’m not sure if you can tell by the abundance of exclamation points I used in the title, but this was a *very* exciting moment in my life. I’ve been wanting to get a facial ever since I really dove head first into skin care junkie status a few years ago. What was holding me back was not only the price, but also the fact that I live in a bit of a rural area and I wanted to get one from a reputable place that I could read a lot of reviews on.

But, I impulsively decided to stop waiting around and made an appointment with a licensed aesthetician at a local dermatologist office. I looked into some salons, and while I’m sure they do great work, I did feel more comfortable going to a medical office, at least for my first facial ever.

post facial glow (along with red spots which is where I had some extractions done).

The facial was $125, which is about what I was expecting but definitely reinforced the fact that this couldn’t be a monthly (or even bi-monthly) splurge. I think I’m going to aim to get facials 4 times a year. I read somewhere recently that you should get one every time the seasons change just to re-balance your skin. I thought that sounded like great advice so I’m going to stick with that philosophy.

My facial was a pretty basic package: cleansing, exfoliating, warm towels and steam to open up pores and a nice hydrating face mask. The woman who did mine also extracted a few blackheads and zits I had forming, which was excellent. She also informed me I have milia, which look like whiteheads but aren’t so you can’t pop them. I had suspected I had this, so was happy to have that confirmed and have her extract those as well.

I was also happy to have her ask me about my skin care routine, which products I was using etc. She also give me some tips specific to my skin, which was one of the main reasons I was eager to book an appointment! I have combo skin and as mentioned already, I also have milia. A few suggestions she had for me, keeping those things in mind, were:

  • Wear SPF 30 or higher everyday (duh). Not only just to protect your skin, but this will also help with keeping milia at bay.
  • Use retinol everyday (although you may need to start a few times a week and work up to it). This will help a lot with the milia because retinol helps your cells turnover leading to less crap getting stuck underneath my skin. I am on my last drops of the Sunday Riley Luna Oil (which is honestly Holy Grail for me), but I think I’m gonna try The Ordinary retinol serum next just because it’s cheaper. If I don’t get as great of results I’ll switch back to Luna.
  • I only need to exfoliate 1-2X a week. Which is perfect because I use the Sunday Riley Good Genes and that shit is expensive.
  • My main skin care problems are blackheads and milia so get products to focus on that.

Overall, it was a really nice experience and I was happy to speak with a professional about my skin care concerns. A lot of the tips she told me I already had figured out on my own, but again, it’s nice to have that backed up by someone who focuses on skin for a living and who can actually look at your skin which the internet advice articles sadly cannot do. If you have been thinking about getting a facial, I would say do it! Just make sure the person you are getting it from is a licensed professional.

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