Mini Ulta Haul

While visiting my sister, I couldn’t resist a trip to Ulta, which is only a few minutes from her apartment (I’m very jealous of this fact). It was a fairly quick trip. After the customary browse I headed straight to the drugstore section to grab the products I already had planned to pick-up: a flower beauty blush, eyeshadow and a NYX eyeliner.

I have a major girl crush on Drew Barrymore. She is seems so down to earth and relatable and very “non-Hollywood” that it’s refreshing. I also love Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix (if you haven’t checked it out, definitely do so!). Mix my love of her with makeup and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually purchase something from Flower Beauty, but the two products I really wanted aren’t sold at Wal-Mart. Which is a tragedy for me since the closest Ulta is an hour away. A sucker for blush, I knew right away that the blush bombs were going to need to be in my life. I got the shade “Nectar” which is super pretty and gives a nice coral color sheen to the cheeks. This product was much smaller than I anticipated, but you need only the teensiest of product to get a color pay-off.

The creme eyeshadows are also something I instinctually knew I needed. I’ve been playing with color more and have been drawn to brighter eye stuff, but there actually isn’t a ton of affordable things on the market. I didn’t want to shell out for a whole palette of brights since I won’t wear it daily. So these creme individual shadows, all in bright but still wearable shades, had my name written all over them. I got the blue shade called “Splash” and I am *obsessed*. It applies super easily to the lid. I’ve used it both as an eyeliner and blended it out and both ways it works beautifully and adds the “pop” of color I’ve been wanting. So excuse me while I run back to Ulta and pick up all the other shades.

I had been wanting to get a bright eyeliner to start incorporating more color into my looks, especially since I’ve been having so much fun with makeup lately. I zeroed in on the NYX Vivid Bright ones online and was excited to compare the colors in store. I ended up going with the violet color because I thought it was bright and fun, but also wearable and something I would wear to work. It is pretty easy to apply and when it dries it is matte – which I like. It can be slightly patchy, which isn’t a huge deal for me, I just put apply a bit more product in those areas that need it. The color is super pretty and I’m very happy with this purchase. However, I think in the future if I want bright eyeliner, I will go for the ColourPop gel eyeliners which have a TON of colors and are easier to apply.

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