My Surprising Beauty Breakup

Through all my makeup changes over the years, from wearing the same three products for years to now being unable to not try new things, one thing has remained constant: my loyalty to Neutrogena makeup wipes. Even when I branched out and tried new ones, I always came back to these. They are such an OG drugstore purchase that even Kim Kardashian swears by them. But, the time has come to move on. It is time for my to break up with them.

This came as such a shock and unexpected moment yet if I take a step back, I also should have seen this coming. I have steadily been trying to use less makeup wipes for the past year. Makeup wipes have a pretty polarizing status with skin care junkies: on one hand they are super easy and convenient, and on the other hand, they sort of just move the product all around your face and spread bacteria (according to some people). Like a lot of products, depending on which site you read and which dermatologist is quoted, makeup wipes are either perfectly fine or evil and should be avoided at all costs. Like a true skin care enthusiast, I was eager to try new things so I started reading about alternatives. I’ve now tried: coconut oil (thats a major no go for me), various cleansing oils, micellar water (bioderma is the shit), and probably others that are escaping me at this moment. But I always had Neutrogena wipes stashed. For a quick makeup removal before the gym, or for the nights when I was too tired to do anything else but take off my makeup, they were perfect to have on hand.

So what changed? I’m not quite sure. I don’t think there is one thing that ultimately made me stop using them, more like a few trickling decisions that led me to this path. First, I started only keeping the wipes in my gym bag. So when I went to take my makeup off at night, they weren’t in my bathroom. Second, I started keeping a cleansing balm in the shower (I shower at night) so I would remove my makeup then, rather than before showering . I also was given a cloth makeup wipe which is amazing. It’s like a washcloth, but specifically designed for removing makeup so it’s extra soft and the product just glides off. You know that scene in Mulan where she swipes her sleeve over her face and all her makeup is magically gone? Yup, thats what this cloth does. You can buy an official makeup remover cloth fro Sephora, but mine was just a few bucks from Amazon.

Anyway, back to my makeup wipe breakup. Since I had been using the makeup cloth I hadn’t actually used the wipes in a couple months. But after a failed look I was trying to copy from Instagram over the weekend, I dug them out of my gym bag and couldn’t believe how much they stung my eyes. My eyes were red and irritated for like 30 minutes afterwards. I used them again later that night and the same thing happened. It was like after the softness of the makeup cloth and cleansing balm my skin no longer couldn’t handle the harshness of the wipes! I didn’t even know that was possible.

Because of the harshness and the fact that I have found alternatives I prefer, I can’t see myself buying these again. I truly never thought I would see the day! What product were to uber loyal to that you no longer use? I would love to know so we can be nostalgic and sad together over our beauty breakups.

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