I Spent a Lot of Money at Sephora

Pretty sure the title sums up this post nicely.

I went on Sephora purchase frenzy recently and bought quite a few new things. I had already hit VIB status for 2019 and I’m sure am dangerously close to Rouge now. And its only March. Oops. In my defense, part of the reason for this spree is that I got a bonus from work and my tax refund all in the same couple week period. Like a responsible adult I did put most to student loans, but it’s only fair if I spend a little too, right? Right.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel: I’m almost through my mini sized Benefit Gimme Brow and have been enjoying the look of a more relaxed brow routine. I couldn’t tell you why I purchased the ABH gel instead of the Benefit one, but, I did. And wow, I have some ~thoughts~. This shit is *full* coverage. Which I didn’t even know was a thing for a brow gel. It’s advertised as a gel formula of their pomade and they ain’t kidding. The first time I used it I ended up having to wipe it off and start over because it gave me vv intense brows. To remedy this, I wipe off lots of the product and then *lightly* go in with the spoolie. I think this could work well for those who do want that very made up look with the ease of a brow gel. But for me, I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth and when this is out I will purchase the Benefit one instead.

Marc Jacobs Bronzer “Tantastic”: I picked this up purely because I wanted something luxurious and MJ products really appeal to me, mainly for their aesthetic. Plus, I wanted to use my bonus on something I would never ordinarily buy, a little #treatyoself moment. The good news is this bronzer is massive and will probably last me 42 years. It also smells like coconuts and summer which makes me happy. The bad news is that it’s just a bronzer, albeit a gorgeous one. So while I do like it, and it’s a great luxury, indulgent product, if you are looking for a standard bronzer, you can get cheaper ones that are just as beautiful.

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer: My new love. I was starting to notice my beloved Nars Matte concealer was making my under eyes look dry, so while looking through other options on Sephora’s site, the word “serum” caught my eye and enticed me to pick this up. It blends so well and covers up my darks circles easily while making them look hydrated as well. I am very impressed with this and look forward to using it everyday.

Tarte “Lights Camera Lashes” Mascara: This mascara is testing my belief that no mascara is worth spending more than $10 at Target for. I have been pretty steadfast in the past in thinking that no high end mascara is so much better than a drugstore one that it’s worth the price difference. But I don’t know man. Something about this formula makes me so happy each time I use it. My lashes look long and thick and it layers really well. I can keep coating my lashes again and again and the spider-y look of one too many coats of mascara never appears.

Kos√•s Lipstick in “Stardust”: My feelings in one word? Obsessed. The color. The formula. The packaging. This lipstick is really it for me. It feels so nice on the lips and wears great throughout the day. It does fade, but does so in a way that is super pretty. After a full day of drinking water, eating, being a normal person, etc. I still have a nice hint of color at 5 pm. Also, the cap is magnetic and it makes that super satisfying little “click” when you put it on which makes my heart happy. It’s all in the details people! Can’t recommend this product enough.

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