Dark Circles Beware: Best Concealers to Cover That Shit Up

Nars Soft Matte: When buying this concealer I clicked “add to cart” and then “purchase” without giving myself time to think so I couldn’t change my mind. Would I recommend this tactic when online shopping? Nope. That’s how you end up in credit card debt. BUT, I have luckily not regretted a single cent of the $30 that this cost. For starters, I have had this for almost a year and still have lots of product left. The coverage level is excellent and since it’s matte, it is perfect for spot concealing in addition to under your eyes.

Tarte Tape Shape: This concealer has been talked about in the beauty realm enough that I will keep it short and sweet. The coverage is high, it blends like a dream, and looks very natural but still somehow fresh on the skin. I do find the packing slightly irritating. The product somehow leaks and gets cakey at the top. But other than that, it will easily make you look like you slept 9+ hours and drank a gallon of water instead of the late night Netflix binge and 12 cups of morning coffee that is reality.

Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser: This concealer probably has the least amount of coverage on this list, but it is the most brightening. I think of this product less of a traditional concealer, and more like a under eye brightener, which I think is what it’s marketed as too. It is perfect for “no makeup makeup” days where you want to cover up those eye bags but a full coverage concealer would look out of place. The applicator is a round sponge that works wonderfully, dispensing the perfect amount of product. At only a few bucks, this will always have a place on my vanity.

Bare Minerals Serum Concealer: The newest member of my concealer gang and boy did it knock my socks off. As much as I love the Nars soft matte, I realized with the colder months my under eyes are pretty dry and the matte formula doesn’t help that situation. This concealer provides the same amount of coverage, yet makes my under eyes look hydrated. I’ve been using it for only a week but I already am in love.

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