Foreo Luna Mini: Does It Actually Do Anything?

For the longest time, the Foreo Luna has been hovering in the back of my mind as this magical device that would bring me immense joy. As a skin care junkie this feeling was not new, but the Luna did have this unique-ness to it that I couldn’t shake. Except for the Clarisonic, there is really no other facial cleansing tool that is this talked about in the beauty-sphere. What held me back from purchasing it was 1) the price -duh, and 2) given the price, would it really make a difference?

After the New Year, and armed with a couple gift cards I received during the holidays, I took the plunge, bought the Luna Mini in a pretty pastel pink (I spent an embarrassing amount of time choosing the color), and then impatiently waited for it to arrive. This was the most excited I have been about a skin care purchase, which is saying something. When I got the package in the mail a few days later the feeling was not dissimilar to waking up on Christmas day and rushing downstairs to open up gifts. As you can see, I clearly have a ~dramatic~ flair to my personality.

After ripping open the Sephora box and then *gently* opening the Foreo the first thing I felt was just a twinge of disappointment. Because the Luna Mini is just that: mini. After using it for the first time I realized that point does not detract from it’s function, but it was my first thought. I then (typically) threw away the instructions without a second thought and plugged in the device on my bathroom counter to charge so I could use it that night. Which brings me to my first major pro: I charged it for maybe 2 hours before using it that first time and have not had to charge it since. This was 2 months ago. Color me impressed with that battery life.

The second thing I noticed was there were two silicone sides: one with smaller silicone bristles (for lack of a better word), and one side with larger. And since I threw away the instructions, I had to look up online what the difference was. The side with the smaller silicones is meant for sensitive/normal skin, and the larger side is meant for oily skin. I stick with the smaller side.

That night, as I was using it for the first time, I knew I was in love. It felt like I was giving myself a mini facial and could just picture all the dirt and pollution that this vibrating tool was sucking out of my pores (did you like that visual…? you’re welcome). Once I was done and rinsed my face and I was blown away by how soft my skin was. Truly, I could not believe it. And two months later I still feel the same way. In addition to making my skin softer, I also think the Luna has done a great job at keeping my pores cleaner, and bring my closed comedones to the surface (in layman terms: making my skin less bumpy). I have used this twice a day every day since I got it and it truly has changed my skin for the better.

In conclusion: do I think your skin care routine is fine with out this? Absolutely. I don’t think it’s *necessary* to use this and get good skin. But it undoubtedly has helped with mine and it now holds a concrete spot on my bathroom counter.

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