Glitter-ally Obsessed

I’m honestly a bit embarrassed about the pun, but not enough to not do it sooooo. Lately, I have been *obsessed* with glitter. I don’t know why, but every time I sit down to do my makeup I end up doing a glittery eye. After I started saving tons of these looks on Instagram, I finally purchased some products that would allow me to create my own glittery makeup masterpieces: It’s My Pleasure palette from Colourpop, and Stila Stay All Day Glitter & Glow in “Diamond Dust”. And let me tell you, I have been using nothing else since. Both of these products are two of my favorite makeup purchases in recent memory. I have been having so much fun creating different looks and just playing with makeup. Which is my favorite thing! I am definitely going to need to pick up a few more of these Stila glitters. These *truly* live up to the hype. 

A few of the different looks I’ve done using the Colourpop palette and Stila glitter are above! The glitter works so well on it’s own and layered on top of other eyeshadows. I even like it as an intense inner corner highlight! It’s also nice that you can use a little and kind of spread it around (I use my finger) to give a subtle sparkle, or you can layer it to get a more ~dramatic~ glitter effect. It does dry quickly though, so I would advise you work fast!

What makeup looks have you been loving to do recently? What product has been making you feel creatively inspired?

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