Getting Creative with Makeup

This eye makeup idea was courtesy of beauty guru/my future bff Mariah Leonard. She dubbed this style “firework eyes” and as I was watching her tutorial while sipping coffee last Sunday morning, I decided to give it a try! Although it didn’t turn out *quite* as nice as hers did (my bottom lines were a but smudged), to my surprise, I actually loved this whole look.

All day, I felt like I should be at a cool music festival like Coachella (which is actually my worst nightmare). In reality, I was browsing the aisles of Kroger and picking up cat food from PetSmart. Not the most exciting places to wear a cool eye look, but I didn’t care! It was so freeing to go out in a look that isn’t considered very “wearable”, and just completely own it. I kept catching myself looking in the mirror and admiring the glittery pink lines on my eyelid. It was a nice refresher that makeup can be more than just something you slap on to look presentable at work: it can be something that makes you feel cool, confident, and gives you a creativity boost.

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