My ColourPop Collection

Wow. What an original blog post! A review of everything I own by Colourpop? Definitely never been done!! Ok. I’ll cool it with the sarcasm now. I recently got some new CP goodies and wanted to talk about them here and figured I would just do a roundup of everything I’ve purchased from the brand before and my thoughts. I’ve been a loyal customer to ColourPop for maybe 3 years now. I was originally wary of buying anything because it’s online only (although they now do have certain items at Ulta). But, once you go down the rabbit hole of swatch videos and youtube reviews, you sort of feel like you *have* tested everything, you know? For me, whenever I browse ColourPop’s site or Instagram, I always feel happy and creatively inspired. Everything is so bright and colorful and gives the vibe that makeup should be fun and something to play with, not something you only wear to make yourself “prettier”. The fact that it’s affordable is just the cherry on top.

Lumiere Lippie Stix My first ColourPop love! This lipstick holds a special place in my makeup heart. It was the first lipstick I bought and also my first ColourPop purchase. I love the formula of the lippie stix- they are so creamy and easy to apply. The color does transfer and fade over time, but it’s gradual and not patchy. I will re-purchase the lippie over and over for both the formula and the gorgeous mauve color.

It’s My Pleasure Palette This is a very recent purchase and my first ever palette from CP! I went back and forth between this one or the Yes, Please palette, but I’ve been in a very glittery eyeshadow mood lately so It’s My Pleasure won out. I have used all the shades at least once and have been impressed with the pigment and the blendability. The glitter eyeshadows have lots of fall out, but that’s pretty standard and not something that detracts from the quality IMO. I *adore* this palette and it’s made me very eager to do my makeup each morning.

Jelly Shadows I have the shades “morning light” and “no rest for the vivid” (pictured below). I am in love with this jelly formula. It is so easy to dip my finger in the pot and quickly swipe it all over my lid. You can get a subtle luminescent glow, or build up the layers for more intensity. It does crease up a bit throughout the day, but these have quickly become a favorite.

Lipsticks ColourPop has lots of lipstick formulas and I currently have three: glossy, satin and blotted lip. For me, the satin formula is really where ColourPop shines. It is so comfortable on the lips and lasts, well maybe not all day, but a solid 6 hours before any fading happens. Which is definitely comparable to high-end liquid lipsticks. I have tried the matte formula but I’m not a fan. It found it to be drying and I ended up tossing the 3 matte colors I had a few weeks ago. I have one gloss and the blotted lips are both nice, but nothing outstanding. The satin formula is what I recommend, and wear, the most.

lipstick swatches top to bottom: UGL in “aquarius”, USL in “echo park”, “calypso” and “november”

Eyeliner I don’t wear eyeliner a ton, but I do have two from CP: Mr. Bing in the gel formula, and Swerve in the gel pot. Mr. Bing is a really great warm rustic brown that I wear often on it’s own just to add a hint of something to the lids. Swerve is really the perfect matte black liner and paired with a nice eyeliner pencil (I use the CP one), it is super easy to glide evenly on the lid.

Super Shock Formula I have a super shock shadow in “weenie” and a super shock highlight in “smoke n whistles”. I am obsessed with the shadow. It’s a super pretty rose gold that can be built up for more intense color or blended in for a diffused all over lid look. The highlight is a warm champagne-like color and is *very* intense. I only use this with a full face because I think it looks out of place otherwise. I do use it often in my inner corner – especially when my eye bags are looking pretty bad and I want to look awake.

What is your favorite ColourPop item? I’m sure I need it in my life!!

4 thoughts on “My ColourPop Collection

  1. I have yet to purchase anything from colourpop, but I am planning to do so this year. Would love to try out their cream blushes, super shock shadows and highlighters and well as Fame Palette *_* All just looks so pretty! A bit weary with how much the customs are going to cost (I live in Canada).. This post just solidified my determination to give this brand a try 🙂

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    1. Yay, I’m glad this post encouraged you to try them out! Everything I have ever purchased has been worth it. Not sure how the sipping/customs work with regards to living in Canada, but I hope it is a smooth process. I also want to try their cream blushes!!

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