Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation: Review

Ahh foundation. Often the trickiest makeup item, at least in my experience, to get right. Also the most personal. You have finish preferences, different levels of coverage to decide upon not to mention navigating the world of color matching. For me, I always look for a natural finish with a light to sometimes medium coverage. I want my foundation to cover redness and even my skin tone but still want my skin to look like skin, know what I mean? Because I am particular about the type of foundation I want, it is a product that I spend lots of time reading reviews. If an eyeshadow palette has good reviews, chances are high it will work for me too. But foundation is a whole different ballgame. By reading the reviews, I make sure that the finish and coverage is truly what the brand claims to be. And even then, it sometimes still is a shot in the dark! As I talked about in my last post, just because an item works well for most people, doesn’t automatically mean it will work for you. Such is the world of makeup. 

I saw this foundation on a few different YouTube channels and the first thing that made me intrigued was the packing. I love travel-friendly makeup! Anything made with glass makes me so nervous. I was also drawn to this because of how it was described as a “natural matte” finish. As I already mentioned, I like my skin to look like skin – just a tad more flawless! Which is why I avoid all high coverage foundations. If I need more coverage in other areas I will turn to concealer.

Okay, enough about my preferences and on to the review. The first thing to note is that it’s a pretty liquid-y foundation. I *was* expecting this because it is a face and body product, yet was somehow still surprised when the product started quickly dripping down my hand. I thought because of the consistency I would prefer a brush over a sponge, but it’s actually the other way around! I figured my real techniques sponge would soak up a lot of the product but I found that not to be the case and instead gives me a flawless skin-like finish. Although a brush works well too, I think because it does have the semi-matte finish, I prefer a sponge because it makes it slightly less matte.

close up of my skin wearing this foundation

I did find this foundation to have a decent wear time. At about the 6-hour mark, I start to notice it clinging to dry spots (around my nose, between my brows). But overall, for an 8-9 hour work day, I think it works well. I’ve also tried it over top various primers (just a moisturizer, smashbox pore filler, loreal glotion) and found it performed the exact same way no matter the base, which was great! Sometimes certain foundations can be picky about what primer you use which I find frustrating and don’t tolerate very well. I don’t want to have to worry about what primer I use, I want my foundation to work no matter what!

To sum up: this is a solid foundation. It is pretty much what I expected it to be and has the perfect amount of coverage for my day-to-day life. That being said, I wasn’t blown away by how fabulous it is and will probably try something new after I run through this!

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