An Unexpected Favorite Beauty Product

I hate buying razors. Along with tampons, they are my absolute least favorite thing to spend money on. Razor blade replacements are so expensive and women’s blades are *always* priced higher than men’s. Enter Billie. A few months ago I decided enough was enough and started looking at razor subscription services. The only one I heard of at that point was Harry’s – which are marketed towards men but I’ve read of women who used them and had no issues. When I did a quick google search of razor subscriptions though I came across Billie which I quickly realized is a razor company that caters to women. Meaning their razor colors are cute, the blades have more flexibility to allow for hard-to-shave areas (behind the knees, ankles, more intimate places….), and since it’s 2019, their product looks great on an Instagram post. All of this made me very inclined to sign up for their service, but what really sold me was these two things:

  • Prices! When signing up you can choose from three options: four new razor blades every month, every two months or every three months. I went with every two. For $9, your first shipment includes two blades, the actual razor itself and a magnetic holder. Each shipment of four razors afterward is $9. And always free shipping! This is such a low price compared to (high-quality) razor replacements from traditional brands like Venus.
  • Company Values! I know it is considered a “millennial” thing to care about the values of a company. But it really does make me feel better about spending my money when I know it’s going to a company who cares about the same things I do. Billie openly opposes what’s known as the “pink tax” – which is where women’s products are priced higher compared to men’s. It’s why their razors are more affordable – because they price them at the same level as men’s. I’m all for supporting brands that are created by and for women. Especially when the cause is wrapped up in the identity of the brand, and they aren’t just supporting something because it’s “trendy” to do so.

After reading all about them (I also checked out reviews to make sure they didn’t just talk the talk) I quickly signed up! It’s been 4 months now since I got my first shipment, so I feel like I can adequately speak to my experience with Billie razors.

When I first signed up, the only thing I was concerned about was the quality of the razors. One of the reasons I would spend so much money previously on razors is because I never wanted to buy the super cheap options. That just leads to razor burn, the blade going dull faster and I would just rather not deal with any of that. To my delight, the Billie blades are very nice quality! The blade has aloe shave soap all the way around it which makes for a very smooth shaving experience. The magnet holder works really well and I love the minimal appearance it has in my shower.

Overall, my experience with Billie has been nothing but positive. I am so happy to be supporting this company that not only has a great product at a competitive price but also actively works to promote women (as a company, they donate 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world). And while saying I *enjoy* shaving now might be a stretch, it is much more of an enjoyable experience in the sense that I know I don’t have to spend a shit ton of money on razors.  

As far as I’m concerned Billie really has the whole package: the brand is cute, razors are awesome and inexpensive, and it is a company with a message I can get behind and actually *want* to support. Also, the razor is really cute in my shower. Have I mentioned yet how cute the brand is?? 🙂

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