Disappointing Products

I have come to accept that buying beauty products is a guessing game when it comes right down to it. You may think you will love something, but until you use it, and sometimes use it for weeks, you don’t truly know how you will feel about that product. I try to avoid this by reading many, many reviews and watching youtube beauty videos, but everyone is different and one person’s experience doesn’t always mean you’ll have the same one. Fortunately, I tend to get products that work well for me. But every now and then something I bought that I was excited about doesn’t live up to my hopes and dreams of what I wanted it to be. With all that said, here is a list of makeup and skin care items I have bought that I either wasn’t impressed by or let me down in some way.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: This was one of my first “high end” purchases that I had high hopes for. I am really drawn to a lighter coverage base and then if I want to build coverage, I do so with concealer. This did have the exact level of coverage I was hoping for, but my disappointment is because it oxidized on my skin making my face a slightly darker shade with an orange tint to it. So it became a hard pass on re-purchasing when I ran out.

Drunk Elephant TLC Glycolic Night Serum: I don’t think there is another skin care product that I have seen hyped than this one. This serum sat on my Sephora loves list for *years* before it finally landed in my medicine cabinet. Because of all the hype, I had sky-high expectations for this to ~change~ my skin. In the beginning, it did improve my texture a little bit and cleared out my pores. After a few months of use though I felt like my skin had plateaued: it wasn’t getting better but wasn’t getting worse either. So it went from “ooooh ok I get the hype” to “eh”. I really wanted this product to give me the glass skin of my dreams!! Is that too much to ask for?? The answer: yes. I will say I think my expectations did contribute to the disappointment. I’ve learned that no matter what anybody says, no one product is ever going to really change the way your skin behaves IMO.

The Ordinary Rose Hip Oil: Ahh, The Ordinary. One of the most talked about brands for both their low cost and high effectiveness. I have heard a ton of people rave about the positive effects of rosehip oil, so as soon as this baby came back in stock on Sephora I bought it straight away. My disappointment with this oil is pretty simple: I had an allergic reaction to it. Not a terrible one, but my skin always looked more bumpy and red after using it and when I stopped, so did those issues. I now stay far away from rosehip oil from any brand.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Cleanser: The moisturizer from the Hydroboost line is one of my absolute faves, so I was really looking forward to trying this cleanser. Instead of giving me the hydration the name claims, it actually dries out my skin quite a bit. This is what is currently in my shower and I will keep using it so it doesn’t go to waste, but I was let down that it didn’t give me a surge of moisture that I was used to from this line of products.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel: Another disappointing cleanser! For different reasons than the Neutrogena one though. I had been eyeing various Mario Badescu products for a while and finally purchased this cleanser because it was summer and I figured a gel formula would be nice when it’s hot and humid out. My first issue was that I found it much more of a lotion texture than a gel. But, I was willing to overlook that. What I couldn’t overlook was that over time the packaging made it very difficult to get the actual face wash out. It was like a squeezy tube but had a little cap you flip up. But because it was a small tube, it was hard to get the product out. Super annoying. If this product had different packaging and I would have been more inclined to re-purchase.

Sephora Honey Lip Scrub: My lips are always dry which means I hoard chapstick like an apocalypse is coming any day now. When winter arrived and my lips weren’t just dry they were flaky, I realized I needed a lip scrub! There are lots of expensive ones on the market, but I just needed a basic scrub to exfoliate my lips so I picked up this $6 from the Sephora line. At first, this fit the bill *perfectly* – it had the perfect level of exfoliation. After a few uses though it almost started to disintegrate – that’s the best way I know how to describe it. So now when I use it it’s more creamy with like exfoliating beads rather than an actual scrub. But I still don’t want to spend $25 on a lip scrub so holla at me in the comments if you know of a cheap alternative!

Glossier Lid Stars: Honestly, when it comes to Glossier, it’s all about the marketing. They are so effective at their “cool girl Instagram” vibe it’s actually impressive. And it is 100% the reason I bought the lid stars. Despite reading reviews and watching youtube videos that describe the VERY REASONS I don’t like this product, I still went ahead and got them ~just in case~. These are so sheer that any attempt to blend them out basically just leaves a very slight wash of color/glitter on the eyelids. If they were more pigmented it would be a different story because the colors are actually really pretty (I have fawn and moon). And I get that their vibe is “no makeup makeup”, but I just have never found myself reaching for these. At $18 each, that is way too much to spend on something just because the packaging looks pretty in photos.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara: Mascara is my jam. I LOVE mascara and when I find one I like (see my previous faves here), it is my ride or die for years. The two things I look for in a mascara formula are it’s curling effects and lengthening capabilities. Which is why I was so excited to finally try this mascara because it is a top seller on Sephora and so many people love it. However, like other popular products I’ve mentioned on this list, just because it’s raved about doesn’t mean it will work for you- as I keep discovering. I found this mascara to be very drying and honestly just pretty “ehhh”. I have yet to try a high-end mascara that is worth spending the extra money on. So for now, I am very comfortable sticking with my drugstore mascara (although Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes has been calling my name recently….).

What products have you bought that you were disappointed about? Let me know in the comments!!

6 thoughts on “Disappointing Products

    1. Aw man that’s too bad! But also good to know because I see them all the time on Instagram and thought they looked super cool.


  1. I recently mentioned in my post but Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask was kind of disappointing to me. Everyone kept raving about it, as if it is the best product ever and to me it just fell flat..at least I found it to be not worth the money.

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    1. Sad!! I find it so hydrating and my lips are so refreshed every time I use it. Bummed you didn’t have the same experience but everyone is different i guess!


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